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Show the emotion in Gyoshu 君の想いは自粛するな!in暁秀

This is the mosaic art that is made up of Gyoshu student's papers that they wrote with their emotion and hope. We collected 568 pieces of paper in total. I hope this Mozaic art becomes a symbol to overcome the COVID-19 by Gyoshu Student becoming together.


By Luna Nakahara

By: Luna Nakahara

2020 Open House

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Students from grades 1 through to 6 put on amazing presentations for their parents and friends this Saturday. There were costumes and backdrops, plays and informative presentations that highlighted the learning that had taken place this school year.

Grade 1 Open House

Grade 3 Open House

Grade 5 Leads Setsubun

Today is Setsubun and Grade 5 led their family group in reading a folk story about Setsubun. The hand made story cards were created by each grade 5 group and the students put on a wonderful performance with actions, voices and some even with masks. The reading was followed by a Setsubun game that all of the students seemed to enjoy.

Setsubun 2
Setsubun 1