110: Spelling Bee

This year, Shoma Miyazaki represented Ka

109: Iowa Journal Entry 7

I would like talk about the few things t

108: Iowa trip Journal Entry 6

It has been 8 days after I had arrived i

106: Iowa trip Journal Entry 5

Today was my last day of sad.

107: Iowa trip Journal Entry 4

In Iowa, I've been spending beautiful ti

105: Iowa trip Journal Entry 3

First, I want to say thank Dr. Bostwick

104: Iowa trip Journal Entry 2

I’ve been having a good time in Iowa. Su

103: Iowa trip Journal Entry 1

I have had really good experiences in Io

102: Bilingual IB Course Entrance Exam 2019- Senior and Junior High levels

101: Welcome Dr Lyster

Katoh School welcomes Dr. Roy Lyster!Dr.

100: 中学バイリンガルコース編入試験 Junior High Bilingual IB Course Transfer Exam


99: 高校バイリンガルコース編入試験 Senior High Bilingual IB Course Transfer Exam


98: 3rd Grade Science Observation

Moon Class is learning about living thin

97: Hakone HIke for Ocean Class

The new 6th graders, Ocean Class complet

96: Forest Class Makes Wreaths

Forest class dug up their sweet potatoes

95: Halloween in Star Class

Grade 3 students celebrated Halloween wi

93: Shizuoka Prefectural Debate

Ryota Nakao, Devayani Mujumdar, Remi Han

94: Elementary School Bazaar

For the school Bazaar upper grade studen

92: 4th Grade Math Project

Sun Class is using their math skills of

91: 2017 Elementary Speech Contest

This year’s Speech Contest focused on th

88: MYP Summer Camp 2017

The Grade 9 and 10 students gathered on

90: Immersion Water Activity

Second Term began with a splash with Imm

89: Tanabata Celebrations

Katoh students celebrated Tanabata by ha

87: 5th Grade iPad Presentations

5th grade students studied the life cycl

86: Show & Tell in 2nd Grade

Moon Class brings in a special item and

85: Sports Day

This year’s Sports Day was a victory for

84: 3rd Grade Hikes up Kanuki Mountain 三年生が香貫山を登りました

Star class hiked through the forest of K

83: Bulldog Hike for 6th Graders 6年生の箱根越え

Rainbow Class hiked from Hakone to Mishi

82: Entrance Ceremony 入学式

The leaders of the school, Rainbow Class

81: 4th Grade Math Class

Ocean class is working on nets and 3D sh

80: Iowa Trip Diary #6

Let me summarize the first four days at

78: 5th Grade in the Science Lab

Rainbow class has been experimenting wit

79: National Spelling Bee

5th grader, Ayana Ishino represented Kat

76: Iowa Trip Diary #5

On February 25th, we arrived in Iowa at

75: Iowa Trip Diary #4

Hi from Iowa :) It's March 2nd and I jus

74: Iowa Trip Diary #3

My trip so far in Iowa has been great. M

77: Math Board Games

Grade 1 students created math board game

73: Iowa Trip Diary #2

I had fun spending time with my host bud

72: Iowa Trip Diary #1

It’s February 2017 and our intrepid Gyos

71: Arts class projects

Grade 10 Art Class ReportIn Art class th

70: Open House Practice

Students are busy preparing for Open Hou

69: Sweet Potato Pancake Party

Moon and Forest classes had a sweet pota

68: Setsubun

The 5th grade leaders translated the sto

67: Jump Rope Week

Jump Rope Week was held the last full we

66: Leadership Exchange

Forest Class transferred their leadershi

65: Spelling Bee

The class spelling bee winners in grades

64: Santa Visits the Closing Ceremony

After hearing the students sing “Rudolph

63: Family Group Christmas Cards

Immersion students wrote a letter to San

62: Arts & Music Festival

Katoh Elementary School held the annual

57: Teachers from Hakuho Foundation

Teachers from India, Indonesia, Australi

61: Hakone Open Air Museum Outing

Sun Class went on an outing to the Hakon

60: Halloween Party in 1st Grade

Halloween time for Moon Class was a lot

59: Pumpkin Carving in 5th Grade

Some students in Rainbow Class enjoyed t

58: Insect Catch

Star Class went to Ashitaka Park to catc

56: Immersion Excursion

The Immersion program went on an outing

54: Gyoshu Junior and High School Bazaar

The school had its annual school Bazaar

53: DP Art Exhibition

This year, on Bazaar Day, the Grade 12

55: 3rd Grade Goes to Aoki Supermarket

Sun class went to Aoki Supermarket for S

52: All English Junior High Debate Tournament

On Sunday, September 25, six 3-4 student

51: Grade 9 and 10 Field trip

On September 30th, Gyoshu Junior and Sen

47: iPads in 5th Grade

5th grade students used iPads in partner

46: 1st-2nd Grade Camp

Grades 1 and 2 went to overnight camp in

45: 3rd-4th Grade Camp

Ocean and Sun classes spent three days a

44: English Speech Contest 英語スピーチコンテスト

The Speech Contest was held on Monday, S

50: MYP Summer Camp

The Grade 9 and 10 students had its annu

43: Immersion Water Activity イマージョン 水遊び

Second term started with a splash! Worki

41: Rice Planting 田植え

Rainbow class gets their hands dirty pre

42: Tanabata 七夕

Katoh Elementary students celebrated Tan

40: Culture Club 日本文化

Intermediate students participate in Cul

39: 5th Grade Home Economics Class

Rainbow class students show great concen

38: Reading Buddies

On Wednesday mornings, Immersion student

37: Sports Day

Sports Day was an exciting competition!

49: Gyoshu Junior and High School Sports Festival

Last May 15, all students gathered in th

36: English Reward Party

Star class had a costume party as their

48: Gyoshu Junior and High School Culture Festival

The Junior and Senior High School studen

35: Outing to Mount Kanuki

Sun class recently climbed Mount Kanuki.

33: The IB Program and Being Bilingual by Kanon Okada

This speech was presented by Kanon Okada

34: Planting Morning Glories

Grade 1 recently planted morning glories

32: Bulldog Hike

On Saturday, April 23rd Forest Class hik

28: 2016 Gyoshu high students University Acceptance result

Congratulations to all the Gyoshu high s

29: Vancouver and UBC Trip Photos

Some of our Grade 10 students went to Va

30: Graduation Speech by Anna Nakayama


31: National Spelling Bee

4th grader Ayana Ishino won the Katoh Ga

24: Iowa Hockey Photos

23: University of Iowa Visit Photos

22: Iowa Trip Journal Mar 14 , 2016

March 14,2016 Grade 10 Boy S.K.Before

21: Iowa Trip Journal Mar 10, 2016

March 10,2016 T.M. Grade 10 BoyIt is a

20: Iowa Trip Journal Mar 11, 2016

Iowa Trip March 11, 2016 Gr 10 Girl M.

19: Iowa Trip Journal Mar 9, 2016

Mar 9,2016 S.K.It has been one week si

18: Iowa Trip Journal March 8th

Mar 8, 2016 Gr 7 Y.N.Today I ate Fren

17: Iowa Trip Journal Mar 7, 2016

Hi there! Gr 7 M.K.I'm doing well with

16: Iowa skate photos 3

15: Iowa skate photos 2

14: Iowa skate photos

13: Iowa Trip Journal Mar 5, 2016

Mar 5,2016    Grade 10 Boy  J.STime

12: Iowa photos 2016

11: Iowa photos 2016

10: Iowa trip Journal Mar 4, 2016 Gr7

March4, 2016 Gr 7 Girl A.S.[2/27]I p

9: Iowa Trip Journal Mar 4, 2016

 Mar 4th, 2016 Gr 10 Girl M.T.I a

8: Iowa Trip Journal Mar 2, 2016

Gr 7 Girl N.Y. Fourth day in Iowa.

7: Iowa Trip Journal Mar 1, 2016

Iowa Trip Journal Mar 1, 2016

6: Iowa Trip Journal Feb 29, 2016

Feb 29,2016 Grade 7 T.U.Today was th

5: DP Art Exhibition

One of the joys of being a DP teacher is

4: Gyoshu High School Bazaar

Early Sunday morning on the 4th of Octob

3: Welcome!

Welcome all students and staff back to s

2: Japan's High School Diplomat

This summer, I was accepted into the 201

1: MYP Summer Camp, August 26-29

In the MYP Summer camp, we had many acti