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2020 Open House

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Students from grades 1 through to 6 put on amazing presentations for their parents and friends this Saturday. There were costumes and backdrops, plays and informative presentations that highlighted the learning that had taken place this school year.

Grade 1 Open House

Grade 3 Open House

Grade 5 Leads Setsubun

Today is Setsubun and Grade 5 led their family group in reading a folk story about Setsubun. The hand made story cards were created by each grade 5 group and the students put on a wonderful performance with actions, voices and some even with masks. The reading was followed by a Setsubun game that all of the students seemed to enjoy.

Setsubun 2
Setsubun 1

Morning Jump Rope

Morning Jump Rope
Students are jumping rope each morning to achieve the goals on their jump rope cards. Grades 5 and 6 help the younger students by counting their jumps and putting stickers on their achievement cards.
Day 1 Morning Jump Rope

Jump Rope Assembly

Jump Rope Week Assembly
Our annual Jump Rope Week assembly was held on Monday morning to prepare students for 3 days of jumping rope each morning before morning meeting. The morning practice gives students an opportunity to achieve the jump rope goals on their individual cards. In addition to completing their individual cards students are able to try to qualify for an elite competition for the best jumpers in the school. To promote the upcoming events, students from grades 5 and 6 demonstrated a variety of techniques that would hopefully inspire the younger jumpers to do their best.


Jump Rope Demonstration