MYP Summer Camp, August 26-29

In the MYP Summer camp, we had many activities. For example, we had to come up with our own original tribe, and present the culture, costume, and the dance. In another activity we had, we created a role play that introduces a global issue. The difficult part of these activities was that we had to entertain the audience. These activities required presentation skills, but also our physical skills, and our knowledge. How we cooperated with the group members was also important for other activities. In this camp I learned many things, but mostly, I learned that working in a group and creating something new are very fun. It reminded me that we can change the world not only with our own two hands.
- Elizabeth of Grade 9 class

The MYP Summer Camp gave me a memorable experience with the Grade 10 students and this camp made me stronger in both physically and mentally. In this camp, I found that the most important thing was to collaborate with the teammates to complete each project. For example, when we made a play related to whaling, we cooperated in making a script and some objects that we used in the play. In addition, gathering around the camp fire singing, dancing, and playing with fireworks was an awesome experience for me.
- Shogo of Grade 9 class

- Elizabeth of Grade 9 class

このMYPサマーキャンプで僕は記憶に残る経験を数多く行い、1ーZの生徒と共に様々な課題をこなしました。 このキャンプは僕を肉体的に、そして精神的に強くしてくれました。 僕がこのキャンプで学んだことは、仲間と協力して課題をクリアしていく事がどれだけ重要か、ということです。 例えば、グループで捕鯨についての劇を作ったとき、台本や劇中で用いる道具を協力して創作しました。 また、キャンプファイヤーでは仲間と歌ったり、踊ったりして最高の思い出になりました。
- Shogo of Grade 9 class




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