Iowa trip Journal Mar 4, 2016 Gr7

March4, 2016 Gr 7 Girl A.S.
Mar 4 Anna

I played many games with my host buddy, Kyra. We played air-hockey, table soccer, and Wii. They were all inside of her house so I was so surprised. I won some of them! For Wii, we played "Just Dance" and I got really sweat! I liked all of them but my favorite is air hockey!
I went to a church with my host family today. It took about 20 minutes by car. There, I listened to the band which is on the stage. They sang a few songs and they were awesome! Then, they started talking about God and it last about 30 minutes! It was a BIT boring for me, but it was interesting too! For dinner, I ate...POPCORNS! Kyra's family usually watch some movies with popcorn on Sunday nights.
It was my first day of school! I was concerned about everything I saw! For example...Amount of the Homework they GET!? or... Amount of Chatting they do during Classes!? Well, I want to say that it's totally different here compared to Japan! For today's school lunch, I got barbecue sauce pizza.
I had only a half day of school! Today, during period 4, Mr. Hadley visited my school, and I had a fun time chatting with him. Today's school lunch was ham and cheese hamburger. After school, I went to the coffee shop with Kyra and her sister, Medora. I ordered Raspberry Frappé and it tasted really good! For dinner, I ate pepperoni pizza and it was delicious too! I liked it than the one in Japan.
I have got used to this new school and I made some friends! They were really friendly to me and they say "Hi!" to me, when they see me. For dinner, I went to Subway for some sandwiches. I ate one with some hams in it and it was good!


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