Iowa trip Journal Entry 5

Today was my last day of stay...so sad. I don't want to leave Iowa. I really enjoyed my life. Mashed potato with gravy sauce, roast beef, corn chowder, beef stew, mac&cheese, pizza, french onion soup. french fries, chicken nuggets etc. I love my host family's food. I miss my host family. I also missed my friends I made in the school. I cried a lot when I leave Iowa. I want to split myself into two and make half of me going to Canada and half of me staying Iowa with my host family.


When I get back my phone, it makes me shock. My phone was dead due to the battery. I thought I turned it off when I give it to the teacher, but by looking at my dead phone, I realized I didn't turned it off.

The airplane ride was not horrible. It was a bumpy ride at first, but the rest of ride was peaceful. Total 7 hours of ride. So long! I felt bored. Anyway, we were successfully arrived to Canada!

The photo attached to this diary was the photo taken in the bus from airport to hotel. It was so good. The bus was way more gorgeous than I thought.

Tomorrow, we will go around Vancouver by bicycle. I'm feeling some kind of homesick towards my host family, but I'm enjoying my stay at Canada. See you in Japan!

- Naho


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