Iowa trip Journal Entry 4

In Iowa, I've been spending beautiful time with my host family every day. At the beginning of this trip, I was full of worry and anxiety about everything I'll do in Iowa. But, now, I'm full of happiness and excitement to be here. Actually, I and my host family visited various places in Iowa. For example, we visited an ice hockey game with my buddy and my host father. This was my first time to see ice hockey at the venue. It was more powerful and interesting than I had imagined before going there, and I had experiences that I had never experienced before. I am really thankful to my host family.


As other examples which we visited, I visited the place called "Indian Creek" with my host mother and I learned the process if completion of maple syrup and the history of maple syrup. In addition to enjoying life in Iowa, I learn things that I can only learn in Iowa and the United States like this.

Also, my host family goes to church about three times a week, so I usually follow them as well. In the church, we listen to the teaching of God, sing songs and each pray to God. Also, these kind of things were the first time for me, so I've been having quite beautiful experiences here.

As I said before, we visited various places with my host family, but especially my memories remain with my buddies and skating together. Actually, my buddy was not good at skating and had resistance to going to skating. However, it was very impressive that he himself made a great effort and he was able to proceed on his own. I'll give you a picture which we took together before skating. I only have 3 days which I can stay with them, but I want to spend wonderful days with my family and want to learn things more and more from them and from Iowa.
- Yuki


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