Iowa trip Journal Entry 6

It has been 8 days after I had arrived in America. My host family has been very nice towards me and, I was able to experience many things. For example, Ryan who is the host family of my trip has brought me to many places to eat the delicious American food. The surprising thing was that there were many Chinese, Korean and Japanese restaurants. The foods were all made to be American, but it was still delicious for me to eat. Junk foods were the most exciting food for me to eat and try. Like as I had expected, the Zombie Burger was great and the deep fried french fries were super duper delicious and I definitely want to try them all again.

Another important experience was that I was able to experience looking at a basketball tournament. Our Marion school was apparently famous for basketball. The match was the semi-finals. The entertaining thing was the insult that the fans had done towards the players. I was very surprised by how the fans can insult the other team's fans. It had seemed like a match between the players and also the fans.

During the trip, I was able to experience a birthday party for me in America. The birthday party that I had experienced in America was very unique. It was an experience that I could not have experienced in Japan. The birthday dinner in America was one of the activities that I couldn't have experienced. In the dinner, many family related members of Ryan had come to celebrate our birthday party. Therefore, I think I had experienced an important experience in America. Thank you to Ryan and my host family!
- Daisuke


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