Art and Music Festival 芸術祭

Art and Music Festival
Saturday December 7th was Katoh Elementary School’s Art and Music Festival. Students from grades 1 through to 6 displayed their amazing artwork which included a wide variety of styles of art. They included pieces of traditional oil pastel artwork, stained glass replicas using colored transparencies, futuristic rocket sculptures using recycled materials, linoleum print portraits, and two kinds of wooden puzzles, one of which was hand cut by students.
It was a busy day for students and parents as they gathered into A-Center for performances that showcased the students’ amazing singing talent in English as well as Japanese. In additional, students were also playing a variety of musical instruments ranging from recorders to “Boomwhackers” to Karimbas. It was a day of celebrating art and student achievement in the arts.

当日は保護者と児童がAセンターに一同に集まり、日本語と英語の素晴らしい歌声を聞かせてくれました。また楽器の演奏は、リコーダーから “ブームワッカー”やカリンバまで、多岐に渡るものが披露されました。この日は芸術を祝い、子ども達の各々の達成を祝う一日となりました。
Grade 6 Singing
Grade 4 Art
Grade 3 Art


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