Iowa Trip Journal Mar 5, 2016


Mar 5,2016    Grade 10 Boy  J.S

Time at the school (Mid-Prairie High School) passed fast today and it was fun. Probably, it means that I am adapting to this environment pretty well. :-) My buddy David is helping me a lot. Since it was my first time to be there, every experience is pretty fresh and new. Although the life style and the food here are pretty differ from Japan, it actually helps me to understand and experience other countries’ cultures objectively.

School life here is going well. I’ve been treated with such kindness by everybody. I’ve been learning Spanish, American history, sociology, and algebra since I came here. Spanish doesn’t make sense at all for me yet, but others are not that hard for me. I thought this is appreciation to the school life at Gyoshu. I was able to comprehend almost every class from the first period. In the Spanish class I did a presentation (in English) about my countries South Korea and Japan. I introduced my countries’ food, cultures, school lives, and languages to my peers. Since there were some students who came from other countries as an exchange student like David and me, they understood what I was talking about and enjoyed my presentation very enthusiastically.

We went to a Walmart to get some food and souvenirs. Also we went bowling, Des Moines arena to watch a state basketball game, and the Zombie Burger hamburger store so far. Everything was perfect and great time for me. I am excited for and can’t wait for what’s gonna happen for the coming two weeks.



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