Iowa Trip Journal Mar 7, 2016

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Mayu Feb29

Hi there! Gr 7 M.K.

I'm doing well with my host family and my buddy so far. When I arrived at the Cedar Rapids airport my ear hurt. On that day my buddy had a ballet lesson. Since I was very tired with the long airplane flight, I chose to get a nap and I slept till 3pm. When I woke up, there was my buddy and her mom sitting on the couch and her mom gave me an orange jelly. I thought it was sweet to have it before breakfast. Then a few minutes later her dad said that we should go to a restaurant so I thought it was breakfast we are going out for that he was talking about. I ate there at the restaurant and I believed somehow that it was Sunday but when I finished the meal and when I got in the car the sky was dark already. Then I thought how can it be 10 am in the morning and it is dark ….and the I decided to think that it was the night of Saturday and I slept until 5am in the morning of Sunday.

On Sunday morning I started the day with watching the T.V. I went to look the fossils and next I went to the frozen ice cream shop called Orange Leaf. From Monday to Friday at school I had Career Tech, Math, Brass band, Spanish or Gym, Geography, Science and Reading and Language Arts. I have not been given much homework compared to the amount that I usually get in Japan and I get more free time with my buddy.


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