Iowa Trip Journal March 8th

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Mar 8, 2016 Gr 7 Y.N.

Today I ate French toast for breakfast and went to school. During my English class, I researched about Gulf War and made some information charts. I had fun of researching of Gulf War because I got to know some interesting information about America and Kuwait. During P.E class we played kicking baseball. I ran too much so I got exhausted. However, it was a fun game. Next class, we watched documentary of the people who live on 1 dollar each day. I think it is very hard because they need to get some food. and water. They work very hard to make a little money. Children can't go to school because of their poverty situation. I was able to learn many things from that video. After school, my buddy had band concert at their high school so we went to the high school building. They played 5 songs and it was all great. They played jazz music as well. Jazz is my favorite music so I enjoyed it a lot. My favorite song is called "Kentucky". Today, I learned lots of things and listened to nice music! So good!



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