Iowa Trip Journal Mar 9, 2016

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Mar 9,2016 S.K.

It has been one week since I came to Iowa. I have been getting used to life in Iowa day by day. This is my second time of visiting Iowa, and every day Iowa has been surprising me with new things so many times. Especially, what surprised me most was the style of school classes. Gyoshu high school adopted many group works and discussions in each classes. However, American high school's classes are based on group works and discussions for all class time. This means that every classmates exchange his / her opinions and contribute to the topic throughout the class time. I was very surprised when I first experienced this type of class. However, I liked this form of class lesson right away, because I like students participating classes positively and sharing their own opinions, which leads students to think deeply about many kinds of topics and form their opinions. I was immediately accustomed to this form of class lesson, and at the same time I felt the weakness of my English abilities keenly. This is because I can understand classmate’s opinions, but I can't express my opinions properly in English. We have 2 more weeks to stay in Iowa, so I will try to have a meaningful time for the rest of my stay here.


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