Iowa Trip Journal Mar 11, 2016

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Iowa Trip March 11, 2016
Gr 10 Girl M.O.

Half of this trip to Iowa have finished. It seems really long, but time went really fast. Now, I'm completely acclimated to its environment in here:)

For the first 3 days, I really felt lonely, I didn't speak that much, and it was hard for me to open up myself. But as I spent time with my host family, I realized that I was not lonely anymore. With their help and from those new experiences that I had, I felt myself growing up as a person.
This is my second time of visiting Iowa, but things are still new for me. Last time when I came here I was in 7th grade. That time, I didn't learn or think something from the things I did during the trip, even though it was a really good experience for me. But this time, I have been conscious about absorbing all sorts of things in my brain, and learning things, which gave me chances to receive new information through my antenna lookout for knowledge and experiences.
Half of this trip have finished, but that means that I still have the other half left. And I am ready to learn more in that remaining time!


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