Iowa Trip Journal Mar 10, 2016

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March 10,2016 T.M. Grade 10 Boy


It is already March 10th, one and a half week has passed. I knew that
I would feel the time here in Iowa pass faster than the actual time (because
it’s such a great trip) but I can’t believe that half of the trip has
finished and I don’t want to believe that there’s only one and a half
week left.

I have been having a great time here in Iowa. I am attending the same school
as my buddy JD which is City High. City High is a really big school and we also have 3 other students from Gyoshu attending the school. We’ve been attending this school from February 29th and this is
the second week of school. Since we have spring break on the third week, tomorrow is the last day of school. I have been surprised at the differences of school lives from the one of Japanese high school. One of the biggest difference was the technology. There are projectors in almost every
classroom. We have projectors in Gyoshu too, but the projector that they have in City High was called smart board. It was almost like a touch screen projector which was quite amazing. The teachers were able to write words on the screen like a white board. Another difference is time. The school in America starts earlier than Japanese school and ends earlier too. For City High, class starts from 8:00 and finishes at 15:10. Also, I was surprised that lunch starts at about 10:40. This might be the biggest difference because we can get to have our lunch only from 12:40. Still here they have 7 classes including advisory class. Advisory class is something like study hall. On every Thursday, the school finishes earlier which is 14:10. Also, on this day we don’t have advisory class and the class time is reduced by 5 minutes. Another thing that is different is that we don’t have a specific classmate (like 1Z and other class that we have in Gyoshu). They have different classmates for each class, which is really weird comparing to Japanese schools. They also don’t have their specific home rooms because each subject has their own classrooms. So between periods, we have to move from a
classroom to another classroom. I was also surprised with the size of the school. Even a week and a half has passed, I still haven’t remembered the floor plan of the school building completely.

I also had other great experiences other than school. One of my great experience is that I got to ride on unique vehicles. For example, I got to ride on the muscle cars which have lots of power. I was also had a chance to drive one of the vehicles. I drove the skid loader which doesn’t require any driver’s license. My host father said that I might be the only foreign exchange student who drove the skid loader which is pretty cool. Another great experience is that Soshun and I did a presentation about Japan in a Boy Scout meeting. I talked about Japan and high school in Japan, and Soshun talked about scouts in Japan. Even we had a limited time for preparation, we were able to do a great
presentation. I was happy that everyone enjoyed the presentation.
These were some of my great experiences that I had. I want to thank my host family because they plan lots of stuff for me so that I can experience a lot of things while I’m in America, even if they are very busy.

I am really having a great time here in Iowa. Only another one and a half week left! I’m looking forward of making this trip fulfilling and memorable trip!


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