Iowa Trip Journal Mar 14 , 2016

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March 14,2016 Grade 10 Boy S.K.

Before I came to America, I was pretty scared of my host buddy.When sending the first mail, I tried my best being a friendly and bright person for texting the host buddy but I wasn't texted back for 3 days. When I got a reply, the reply wasn't from my host buddy Henry, but it was from his mom Ms. Susan. The reply wasn't about any of what I sent ,but about suggesting try to text Henry with the app "message". But eventually they were very friendly and bright so I was relieved.
When I arrived at Cedar Rapid airport, the first thing I thought was that everyone is HUGE. By that time, I was still afraid of my host buddy and he was also big (Both vertical and horizontal) so he looked a bit scary. Then I went to their house and again, I was relieved that they were friendly.
The school in Iowa I went was huge. It was twice the size of Gyoshu high school. The inside was a maze. It had many rooms and all of the halls looked alike so I had to keep up with Henry while going to other classes so that I wouldn't get lost in the school. But by the last week, I was able to remember every class's location. (Only the classes I have) I had, English, World History, Spanish, then lunch. Then Biology, Math, and Strength training. I had problems with Spanish and Strength training. First, I wasn't able to understand a word in Spanish class because the teacher only speaks Spanish instead of English for the whole time, constantly. I only learned Mucho(a lot, very) and Yo(me, I) and Y(and). But I still wanted to learn Spanish so I asked the teacher if I could have an easy vocabulary list and I was able to receive two general vocabulary sheets. I want Spanish to be my third language. 😎 In strength training, we do something like physical education but just training and building our bodies up. It was VERY hard. The first week I came home and slept awake for even one hour when I came home. But by the second week, I was able to stay awake and even up to where I could take the dog a walk or play basketball. This subject has made me develop in both physically and mentally.
I made many precious memories here. When I think that there is only one week left being with this host family, it makes me very sad. I hope to make more memories that I would never forget them.


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