The IB Program and Being Bilingual by Kanon Okada

This speech was presented by Kanon Okada of Grade 7 class during the Gyoshu's Bilingual Program Assembly.

The IB Program and Being Bilingual

I decided to go to Gyoshu because it teaches the Middle Years Program and the Diploma Program. I think that the IB program is a wonderful program because it can change people's lives in many different ways. It makes people be active, wise, and caring. I think people who have been taught the IB program will go through life in a different way compared to people who have not because people who have learned the IB Program think differently. They have a different way of looking at things. I want to be that kind of person. I think it's not all about getting the diploma. Off course it's a really amazing thing to pass the test, but the important thing is, that we have actually learned the IB Program and I think that is a very precious experience. Not so many students get to do the same thing. I think I won't regret at all that I have learned the IB Program even if I failed the test. I would rather be proud that I learned the IB Program because I think the IB Program can lead us to a lot of doors, full of opportunities. The Learner Profile has 10 attributes. I think the most important is Balanced because it means that we need to be stabilized. It tells us that we need knowledge, a rich heart, and be a challenger to make our and other people's lives happy.

Being bilingual can help us in the future. It will be a helpful tool to communicate with foreign people, because English is a universal language. If you could only speak Japanese, then you will probably spend almost your whole life in Japan, this small country we live in right now. The world is big. There are nearly 200 countries. I think we need to be enthusiastic. We should want to go to a lot of places around the world because we can speak English. That's what we need. English can expand our lives. It can make us live a happier life. I am glad I am bilingual. I would like to cherish this gift for the rest of my life.


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