DP Art Exhibition

One of the joys of being a DP teacher is to see the relieved, proud faces of students who have just completed major inquiry based assessments. While all DP subjects include inquiry based assessments, the assessments that seem to mean the most to many of our students involve preparing Visual Art studio pieces and showcasing them at our school annual Art Exhibition, coinciding with Bazaar Day.

This year’s senior Visual Arts cohort are a small and tight group made up of three young ladies: Haruka Ogawa, Maya Kubota and Anna Nakayama. Throughout grade 11 and grade 12, under the guidance of Mr. DiBella and Ms. Souchon, these young artists supported each other with encouraging words, by selflessly sharing ideas and by offering incisive critiques of each other’s works. They had grown so close that when it came to displaying their work they choose to display their final pieces in a giant U so that their works seemed to flow seamlessly together.

Organising their own exhibition allowed these young artist a first taste of curating, and an opportunity showcase their work to the school community and the wider public. The exhibition was well attended by teachers and classmates. There was a lively atmosphere and many people approached the artists to inquire about the work.

The themes the young artists emphasized were varied, running from ‘modern society’, to ‘beauty’, to ‘negative emotions’, as were their influences, ranging from novels like Brave New World, to artists like David Hockney, to aspects of Japanese culture like Buddhism and ikebana. Works were created in a wide range of media and artistic methods including printmaking, painting, sculpture, video animation, digital design and works made from found materials.

Whatever future paths these young ladies may travel down, we can be sure that the skills and experience gained from this course will benefit them. As young artists in the DP, they have had to work independently, take risks, persevere, challenge assumptions and be open to change. We wish them every success in the future, and hope that they will continue to find meaningful expression through the field of visual art throughout their lives.

Mr. Sutton and Ms. Souchon



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