Grade 9 and 10 Field trip

On September 30th, Gyoshu Junior and Senior High School students from the 3-4 and 1-Z classes participated in a humanities-themed field trip to Tokyo. This outing gave the students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of subjects such as civics, economics and history. First, the group made a brief stop at the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) where they were able to glimpse the inner workings of the Japanese stock market and learn more about Japan’s economic growth through time. Shortly after, they made their way to Yasukuni Shrine in order to explore Japan’s involvement during the Second World War. Finally, the group ended their day at the Japanese Diet. Here they had a chance to meet with a Japanese member of the House of Representatives, listen to a presentation about legislation and given a brief tour of the offices in the building.

Grade 9 and 10 Tokyo Trip 2

Grade 9 and 10 Tokyo Trip 1


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