Iowa Trip Journal Feb 29, 2016

Feb 29,2016 Grade 7 T.U.
Today was the first day of my Iowa Trip. It took a long time to arrive to Iowa so I am tired but I experienced many things and it was a pleasant day.
First I was surprised that everything in America is much bigger than Japan such as foods, houses, streets, store, snacks, and so on. Also when I went to the supermarket there were many things in lower prices, for example, some bicycles cost about just 50 dollars. Also I was surprised with the carts which are big and the awesome register system that moves the goods automatically to the register.
Today I experienced American food too. I ate a hamburger and it was very different from Japan’s hamburgers. The sizes, taste, and services were different. The hamburger was about twice as big and more delicious than Japan’s and the drinks are larger and sweeter. Also I thought it would make me get fat but I ate it all and I want to eat again because it was delicious.
Today I did a lot of things with my buddies. I did TV game, billiards, cycling, hide and seek, watched anime, played catch, and so on. It was so fun and I was surprised that many things were imported from Japan to America for example, some tv games, and some anime. I like to watch anime to make me feel settled.
Today I was delighted and I experienced many awesome things in American culture. I am glad I came to Iowa and I want to experience more things in Iowa.
@ Supermarket
with host buddies


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