Iowa Trip Journal Mar 1, 2016


Iowa Trip Journal Mar 1, 2016

Grade 10 Girl M.Y.

Third day in Iowa, and already so many things that have surprised me!

It has been three days since I arrived in Iowa, and I've already experienced so many things that have surprised me. My host family has already taken me to many places such as a German Town, where there were many fancy buildings that were made during 1700-1800, Ronnenburg Restaurant, where I had a thin crispy pancake that I had never had before, and to my buddy's boyfriends house to have a Mexican dinner with them! We are also planning to go to Costco, Hurts Doughnuts, have dinner and watch a basketball game in Iowa City tomorrow which I am really looking forward to! They have so many exciting things planed for me, and I cant describe how thankful and happy I am to stay with them for three weeks. Most of the things I do and eat will definitely become a good experience and memory that I will never forget.

Firstly, as you can imagine, I have been eating A LOT, and am really surprised at how much people eat here. Everything is served in American size, and fills my stomach every time I have a meal. I am also surprised at the amount of butter they use in all the foods we eat here! American people just LOVE butter, and put a massive amount in everything that matches it like potato, pancakes, marshmallows, and brownies. I feel like I've already eaten the amount I usually eat in a year, just in three days. They are really heavy and high calories, but soooo good! I cant stop eating, and worried if my pants will fit me when I go back to Japan! lol

Secondly, I am surprised about the fact that there are variety of people in America, just like Japan. I believed that all Americans are very nice and friendly, but I learned in school that it was only a stereo type about them. It might be because it was my first day at school, and they were shy to talk to me, but the reaction I got was not like the one I had expected. Some were very friendly and welcomed me with huge smiles and many questions, but in contrast, some were very cold and even didn't show interest in me. I felt a little disappointed, but it was a good lesson for me because I leaned that I have to step closer to them and introduce myself without waiting for them to come closer to me. I will try my best to make good friends that will be my friends even after I go back to Japan.

The only problem I am facing is the time difference. I get sleepy during the day, and wake up at night which is not a good habit. I need to get used to the time difference so I wont get tired during my classes, since my family is so "ACTIVE"!!

So far, my trip has been amazing, and I am enjoying all the things that my host family had prepared for me. I will use this chance wisely, and would like to learn and gain experiences that I can take back with me.


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