Arts class projects

Grade 10 Art Class Report

In Art class this term, the theme was 'Alter-Ego.' First, they compared how different cultures express cultural identity through mask-making traditions and performances. Next, they investigated how artists address their sense of identity through creating portraits, alter-ego personas and mask-like constructions. Next, they experimented with different sculptural methods, such as wire construction and paper-mache techniques. in English class, with Ms Payraudeau, the students explored aspects of their identity through a creative writing exercise based on selected quotes from their setwork 'Persepolis'. They then translated these ideas into relief sculptures at Art class. Lastly, they worked on creating a mask artwork where they each expressed a chosen alter-ego. They were asked to incorporate their own 'throwaway' or found materials into the mask as a way to present an alternative view of themselves. It was an enjoyable experience to see each other's masks on the final day of the project. In the spirit of IB learners, well done to everyone for your hard work and your open-minded approach!
Grade 10 Arts class

Grade 8 Art Class Report

These pictures show Grade 8 students in Art class. They are making stencils. They used the graphics program Gimp to create stencil designs, such as lettering for their names, and silhouette portrait designs. Once the stencil was ready, students made several prints, trying out different paint effects.

Grade 8 Arts class


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