Iowa Trip Diary #1

It’s February 2017 and our intrepid Gyoshu travelers left Numazu station for yet another adventure in Iowa. This year we had a much smaller group, which only consisted of 6 grade 10 students. We left the station at 4:00 in the morning to make our way to Narita. We hardly noticed the first leg of the trip since we were all quite exhausted. Once at the airport the group had just enough time to shop for some snacks for the flight and take a few groups pics. After a long haul to Dallas International Airport we made our way easily through customs (automated processing helped!) and were quickly on our way to Cedar Rapids. The students were increasingly nervous as we approached but were relieved to see their American host families excitedly waiting for them. It was probably the smoothest trip I had ever been on as we did not experience any major problems. This week will be the group’s initiation to an American high school. We’ll see how everyone adjusts to a fast paced environment. Hopefully things will continue as smoothly as it has been since the beginning of this trip. Let’s wish our risk-takers good luck for the next two weeks!

Grade 10 students' trip


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