Iowa Trip Diary #2

I had fun spending time with my host buddy. They're so nice and I enjoyed the weekend a lot. However, today was the first day of school, so I was little nervous about classes. I had 7 classes which were Spanish, Orchestra, English, Art, US History, Biology and Geometry. Two of the classes were the same as Alisha, so we were able to spend time together. I enjoyed art class a lot and then we had recess until the class ends. Everyone played together, and Daphne and her friends are funny, so I had fun time watching them. On the other hand, I had a difficult time in Spanish class. They were speaking in Spanish so I couldn't understand any word. Everyone took a writing test in class, but I was not able to understand the instructions as well.
After school, I went to the mall to do shopping with Alisha and Eddy (Daphne's sister). Daphne had cello lessons and Nina needed to study for her biology test so Eddy took us to the mall with her car. We enjoyed the shopping a lot! I can't wait for tomorrow because Alisha, Daphne, Nani, and I will have sleep over!

Mai and her buddy


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