Iowa Trip Diary #3

My trip so far in Iowa has been great. My host family has been very friendly to me, and I am having great experiences here. Since I live in a city in Japan, I don't get to see or be close to nature. However in Iowa, we are surrounded by nature which makes me relax. Currently in Iowa, it is much warmer than I expected, and there is no snow outside the house. It was a little bit surprising for me, but I am still enjoying the weather here.

There are many differences between USA and Japan which still surprises me, but I am working hard to get used to it. Thanks to my host buddy's support, I am having opportunities to make friends and gain various experiences.

I am learning new things day by day in every situation, and I can feel that I am growing as a person. Through every experiences that I am gaining everyday, I have learned that school is not the only place that we can learn from. To raise an example, when I went to church the other day, we learned about adversity; what it is, and why do we have it in our lives. The topic was very hard but these kind of things made me think really deeply about myself and people around me.

I am very lucky to have Hansen family as my American family, and I hope that I can gain more valuable experiences in remaining time during the stay in Iowa.


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