Iowa Trip Diary #5

On February 25th, we arrived in Iowa at the Cedar Rapids airport. When we arrived at the airport, I was little nervous because I am going to stay in Iowa for 2 weeks by myself and with the family I had never met. I cannot imagine what it would be like in the next 2 weeks, so I was nervous. When I first met with my host family, I was surprised that they were so big and tall. It looked scary if you look at them from the outside but they welcomed me warmly so I was relieved. When I talked to them, they were kind so I was happy.

In this trip, I experience many new things like archery, billiards, golf, etc.

On February 27th after I went to school, I went to archery club. At the club, I did archery and this was my first time doing archery. My buddy has a lot of experience in archery. He has a good bow and arrows and he is good at it so when he shoots the arrow, he always shot at one spot. When I first saw the shot, the arrow went really fast and accurate so I was surprised and at the same time, I wanted to do same thing as him. After my buddy's shot, I was able to shoot as well. My first shot was horrible. We can shoot 5 arrows in one round but I only got to hit the target twice. My buddy could shoot the middle part of the target but I couldn’t even hit the target so it was so far away from being like him. Also, the speed of my arrow was slow so I had many things to work on. It was fun shooting arrows and making changes and seeing the improvements. At first, I could only hit the target 2 out of 5 times at 10 yard but at the end, I could hit all of the shots, plus I could aim the middle of the target. My highest score was 43 and the highest is 50 so there was big improvement. I really enjoyed shooting and I want to do it again!

On March 3rd, we went to the “The First Tee Lakeland, YMCA Par 3 Golf Course” to play golf. I played mini golf before but this was the first time to do real golf using a full set of golf clubs. My first shot was really bad. I used a 4 iron for my first shot and when I hit the ball, it went really high, above the net, and it went to the right and dropped in middle of the road. I was lucky there wasn’t any cars out there. The real golf was way harder than I thought. Sometimes, I missed when I hit the ball. But sometimes, I did really well. Overall, I think I did well for a first timer. I need to get better at it fully because I feel good when I hit the ball and I don’t feel good when I don’t hit it.

So far, I have experienced many new things and I like it. I want to keep trying to do new things and have good experience. I really liked to do archery and I want to do it again.

Yohei in Iowa 2

Yohei in Iowa 1


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