Iowa Trip Journal Mar 2, 2016

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Naho with her buddy

Gr 7 Girl N.Y.
Fourth day in Iowa. America is amazing! Before I come to Iowa, I was very nervous about home stay, but now I know I did not need to worry about.it. I have been having lots of fun!
In Iowa, I have been eating lots of food and I like it all! My most favorite food so far is chicken and French fries at a restaurant called "Red Robbin". I also like potato soup which I had for supper. For my school lunch, I had potatoes with cheese and butter. They call this potato bar, and they have it on every Monday. On Tuesday, I had a turkey sandwich, pudding, carrot, orange, and POTATO CHIPS! As everyone knows, I LOVE potatoes and chickens. I think you know how I feel for this food. For breakfast, I had cereals, cinnamon rolls, and waffle in the last three days. I always eat rice for every meal in Japan, so it was new to me. For supper, I had pizza(2nd day),salad, garlic bread, and pasta with some delicious sauce( 3rd day). All the food is served in American big size, so even school lunches are too much for me. All the food is soooooo delicious and I want to eat as much as I can, but I got full before I hit my limitation of food intake capacity.I want a power that I can eat endless.
Everyone at my school is all friendly and kind. Everyone says hi to me, and in school, I'm like a super star. It's my 2nd day at school, but I can't remember everyone’s name. There's a happy news! My buddy Kennedy plays trumpet in her band, and that band teacher said I can use school clarinet to play! It was difficult to play that clarinet because it is a different type of clarinet from my clarinet that I play in Japan. I saw Yuta and Anna at school, and also during the band practice. Yuta's buddy plays drums and Anna's buddy plays trombone. My buddy and Anna's buddy are friends, and I had lunch with my buddy, her friends, and Anna. I attend some classes with Anna, like social study. I don't have the same classes with Yuta, but I saw him in the hallways. Surprise! I wear the same clothes with Anna. She said she bought that clothes at the same shop as mine. The classes at my school in Iowa are more fun than the ones at my school in Japan. Teachers turn on music CDs while students working on the tasks, and they are friendly. During Math classes, I learned 8th grade content so it was a little difficult, but I can understand. I think it was nice that the teacher write in his computer (ipad) and it is shown on the board. This way, everyone can see the board and don't need to clean the board. I want this to be used in Japan as well ! Also, school let each of the students use a computer. We can bring that computer home and teachers include all tasks and things relating to the class in the computer. I want to have that system in our school too.
I have been enjoying and having lots of fun, and it is a shame that I can stay here only for 3 weeks. Before the departure of this trip, I thought 3 weeks is too long, but now I think I want to stay here longer, like 1 year. See you in Japan!


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