Iowa Trip Diary #6

Let me summarize the first four days at Iowa first. The first two and a half days were pretty good. I was not experiencing any jet lag and I was sleeping well. I just rested on the day that I arrived and played some games with my buddy.

On the second day, I went to church with my host family. I met some people that I knew from last time, and met some new people too. In the afternoon on the same day, a stomach ache caught me. It made me go to the toilet once in an hour with my diarrhea. I wouldn't go any further into the details because it may ruin your delicious dinner so I'll just move on. I went to the doctor on the next day to get some medication. Thanks to Mr. Hadley I was able to see the doctor quickly. The doctor was pretty concerned about dehydration because I had a high blood pressure and heart rates with some fever which I was not able to understand since it was in Fahrenheit. The doctor asked if I needed to go to the ER (Emergency Room) to get some fluid in but it seemed like there was no need for it. I went home and rested for a whole day. Luckily, this allowed me to go to school the next day. Maybe I just had jet lag after all.

Going to school was really exciting because I met many of my friends that I met three years ago which was amazing. I also met some new friends. My buddy had Geometry in the morning and AP US History and Choir and PE in the afternoon. I liked Geometry the most and hated AP US History the most since I had no background information or vocabulary about it. I had nothing to do which made me bored.

On Saturday I went to Texas Roadhouse which is a steak house to celebrate my buddy's 16th birthday. I went there last time so I knew the menu and what to pick. It was delicious and I loved it. This Sunday was awesome since I was healthy. I went to church in the morning. My buddy and I went to his friend's house and played some games there. It was so fun that I can't explain it but it was really nice to meet them and I was able to take pictures.

Anyways, I went through a great experience that I could never forget and having fun after all.

Ryota and his friends in Iowa


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