Iowa Trip Journal Mar 4, 2016


 Mar 4th, 2016 Gr 10 Girl M.T.
Mariko Misaki

I arrived at Iowa safely last Saturday.
It was a very long trip so I was very tired.
I was very worried of coming to Iowa and staying with people who I do not know about, but all of my host family is very nice so I am happy.

I went to the mall on Sunday with my buddy and her friends, which was fun because there were many stores I like.

On Monday I started going to school. The school my buddy goes to is very large and there are many students, which surprised me. In this school, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays are the same schedule and on Wednesdays and Thursdays are called block day, which students only have four classes instead of eight but each class is one hour and twenty minutes long.The school lunch is not too bad and the meal my host father makes are delicious.One of the teacher took me to a tour for me to get to know the school better, which I thought was nice.

The school starts at nine and ends at three forty five so it is a bit shorter than Gyoshu. Since school starts at nine, I am able to sleep more hours than I used to when I was in Japan.Many things at school are different from Gyoshu, like students using their cell phones, eating at cafeteria, carrying their own computers, and classmates change in different classes.

Today my buddy's friends and I went to a coffee shop because two of them needed to take pictures for their photography class.
I ate smore bar, which I thought tasted very American. (It was good)

The temperature here is very cold and it snows but I think it would be warmer next week.I miss Japan, my parents and friends, but I am enjoying my stay in Iowa.

I am looking forward for this Saturday’s event of going skating! I forgot bringing a cord that I can connect to computer so I could not attach a picture I took but I will try to send it if I can.



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